It has been 9 days since I was discharged from the hospital with my fluid issue and the pain is now under control which is great news.

I reached a milestone yesterday. Every 3rd Monday has been my treatment day for the past 5 months. Yesterday would have been the day I would normally have gone for a treatment. It was such an incredible feeling that I no longer have to endure another round of battering. Knowing that my body has the chance to heal and get stronger is a relief and something that I’ve been longing for since the day I was diagnosed.

I don’t remember the last time a had a “normal” day. A day in which I can do what most take for granted. Going out for a coffee or a meal or a short walk has been a rarity. Having a day when I don’t have to lie down for hours after walking around the house for a short time is a gift. I have so much to look forward to and these seemingly insignificant events have become my delight.

Wow how my perspective has changed!

I have realised that the things in my life that previously consumed my energy and head space are not worth the time, effort and exertion that I gave to them. Being concerned about anything other than my health and happiness and those of the ones I love and care about is all small stuff!

Status, money and petty issues are not life’s priorities and should have no power over my peace of mind and contentment of life.

I had to go through this experience for many reasons, one of them being to get a true perspective of life. It is my wish that others don’t go through suffering to learn perspective.

Stress is a killer for most brought about by non essential matters. Having the right perspective is a great antidote for keeping it under control and for maintaining health and a positive mindset.

Every day is a gift. It’s special and unique. What matters is how we value each day as an opportunity to feel happy and to help others. Anything else is secondary.