Speed is dangerous. I’m not referring to fast cars and motor bikes but the pace at which I used to live my life.

Let’s face it the human race is speeding up and technology as beneficial as it is, is pushing us beyond the limits of our physical and mental capabilities.

We are always on call and there is an expectation to respond almost immediately to text messages, emails and the like. Our mobile phones have become additional appendages to our body and we would struggle to live without it. Just imagine not having your mobile phone for a week!

Why am I going on about this? As you can well appreciate I’ve been thinking a lot about the things I can do to minimize the chances of this illness reoccurring. I will do what it takes to eliminate or reduce the causes of cancer that are in my control. Low stress, eating healthy nutrients, an alkaline body, avoiding toxins, an optimistic mindset and a peaceful and healthy lifestyle are all factors within my control.

The significant change that I need to make is a lifestyle change. Being a highly motivated, driven and ambitious person I have in the past pushed myself too hard, worked long hours and got a little frustrated if I wasn’t succeeding at the level of my expectation.

I realised that I had forgotten two very important reminders that I will now be mindful of. The first is that life is 99.9% about the journey and 0.1% the destination. As long as I’m spending most of the time doing the things I love and enjoying each day I will have a fulfilled and peaceful life.

The second is that I will place greater value on incremental change. If the actions I take bring me closer to my goals then it’s only a matter of time until I reach them. Immediate gratification and cementing definitive time lines on success have in the past decreased my enjoyment and created feelings of stress.

The way I work from now on needs to change. No longer will I work at such a fast pace and compromise my health. No longer will I impose self created pressures. No longer will I buy into a belief system that validates success only as a measure of status, wealth and achievement.

Naturally I want to make a difference and impact the world in a meaningful way and I know that I can do that with a relaxed and balanced approach.

I remember the wise words of my Reiki Master Laina who once said to me, “Slowly is holy”.