Last Saturday was an exciting day.

It has been a year since my cancer operation and I felt a sense of relief despite the fact that I was back in hospital for more surgery. I needed a hernia repair and a gall bladder removal. The chemo had weakened the wound and a hernia appeared. It also created about 25 gall stones which I could no longer ignore. But it didn’t alter my mood or detract from the excitement that the disease had now gone.

One may argue that my celebration would have been sweeter if I was rather celebrating with a 1969 Dom Perignon instead of another theatre experience but I’ve learned that it’s more important for me to choose the way I feel about life rather than focusing on what’s happening to me. So I felt grateful and appreciative for my health even though I have to endure further pain and a 5 week recovery process. I had a choice and that was to either feel frustrated and angry that after all I’ve been through I still have another round left in the boxing ring or I could see it as a celebration of the final step in the process to my full recovery.

I must say I’ve become quite philosophical about life over the past year and the more I think of happiness and being in flow with life the more certain I am about the one thing that brings it all about, resonance.

In simple terms resonance is our state of being at any given moment determined by the way we feel. It contains the type of energy we give out and defines the impact we have on ourselves, others and the world. Just think of the people you enjoy spending time with, the way they make you feel and the energy they exude.

Resonance is the most powerful force known to mankind as it is the creator of our happiness, our health and our abundance. It is the attractor of our experiences and the people we draw to us.

The key to maintaining a positive resonance is to choose gratitude and love above any other emotions. In doing so we keep negative and destructive emotions at bay. How possible is it for you to feel unworthy, angry, unloved, unsuccessful, unhealthy, anxious or depressed when gratitude and love fill your heart?

The wonderful aspect in creating the resonance of gratitude and love is that you can change it anytime, anywhere irrespective of the situation you’re in. All that is required is to sit quietly and think about all you are grateful for (don’t forget the small things you take for granted). Think about the fact that you are healthy, have people that care and love you, have food and shelter, that you’re not in pain, that you can see, walk and talk and that you have a blessed life. Feel the love you have for those you care about and for others that may be suffering. Send love out and imagine it entering and filling the hearts of those in need of it (and let’s face it, who doesn’t need it). And don’t forget someone very important, you! You are wonderful and special so feel love for yourself and for everything you are.

Take a moment to consider these questions:1.”What are you resonating with right now?”. Is there frustration, stress and dissatisfaction? 2. “Is this the resonance you ideally want to have?”. I’m sure not and it’s certainly not what life is intended to be about. 3. “What could stop you from changing your resonance?” Think about any resistance you may have in changing your emotional state. It’s ok to be honest with yourself in recognising any negative emotions you may be experiencing. It’s time to let them go!

The feeling of gratitude and love will change your life more than you can ever imagine.

You will feel happier, healthier and more abundant than you have ever known.

It’s your right and you deserve it.